What i do & why I do it.

" I think this is how we are supposed to be in the world - present and in awe "  - Anne Lamott

When I was young, my parents were constantly photographing, recording, and documenting our time together. Into my own adolescence and heavily resisted adulthood, I have been a photojournalist of my own life, and the beautiful things I see around me. Beauty can present itself in so many different ways, and the older I get, the more vast my perspective on the subject. Looking through snapshots of days gone by is a feeling that is hard to describe...it's the feeling you get when you hear a song that reminds you of your best friend from middle school that you never get to see anymore, or the feeling you get when you smell pumpkin spice and it takes you back to every thanksgiving you had with your late grandmother.

Photographs can have the same effect, and can help you revisit some of the happiest days of your life. It is my honor and passion to be present for these moments. Not only to experience them with you, but to grab those moments for you, so you can revisit the emotions, the details, and most of all, the people of that day. I'll be honest, I don't love awkward poses and forced moments. I am all about intimate and natural storytelling. I am able to get that by building a relationship with my clients, getting to know your unique love story, and making everyone feel warm and comfortable in front of my camera. If things get awkward, we'll be awkward together. In trusting me with your story, I will reciprocate by retelling it in the best way possible.

I love adventures, drinking coffee, dancing, planning parties, watching old Hollywood movies, talking to my pets like they're humans, and decorating corners of my house that nobody sees. I pride myself on remembering details about people, standing up for what is right, giving thoughtful gifts, being a humanitarian, maintaining my values, respecting everyone and everything in my path, and inspiring others while pushing myself. 

That's just a bit about me and how I see things. If I sound like the kind of person you would like to have around for a wedding day, portrait session, or you just want to grab some coffee (YAY), then reach out to me! Lets talk about you, your story, and what it is that you want to look back on. 

here's what other people think of me:

From: Bryan Kay, on behalf of his family.

Amy photographed our baby boy's first Christmas tree adventure.  We were worried that our son Carter, who never holds still, would be impossible to photograph.  We also expressed our concerns about getting our pictures back quickly.  Amy's calm and spontaneous direction allowed our whole family to feel natural and at ease.  Our anxiety melted, we had a blast, and Amy captured our Carter in a way that I will treasure forever.  Our pictures were delivered sooner than I had hoped and now we can't wait for our next family photo adventure with Amy.  

From: Candi Griggs, on her children's mini session.

Amy brings her charm and elegance to your photo shoot experience . She provides a professional but laid back atmosphere that makes you feel comfortable while you're in front of the camera. Excellent experience.